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Remember me
Who's there
I've got your number
Oh no, no
I'm back to haunt you
No, stay away
Ha ha...

It's Friday night, so creepy outside
It's is thundering and lightning
There's nobody home cause I'm all alone
It's scary and it's frightening

The sound of shoes, a shadow that moves
Something odd is tic tac ticking
Someone's in here, I'm so full of fear
The telephone is ringing

* Now I can see you, oh no, please no
Now I can touch you, oh god, please go
I am right here now, oh please, tell me where
Ha ha..., I'm in a nightmare
You better run I'm back to haunt you down

** Halloween, in the death of the night hear me scream
I'm coming, I'm coming
Halloween, is the fear that I fight in my dream
Keep running, keep running
Just keep running, oh keep on running, yeah, just keep running
Just keep running, oh keep on running, yeah, just keep running

Hell broke out on this Friday night
Zombies passing deadly
My Candyman from Bountyland
Is coming here to get me

[Repeat * , **]

It's squeaking and creaking, I move silent in the night, haha...
Could be the boy from nextdoor, you'll never guess my disguise, haha...
Kids and children fight, cope and candlelight
You might be the fearsome one at Junior High, tonight

[Repeat **]

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