Letra de Give me one good reason, Blink 182

Mom and dad,
they quite don't understand it
All the kids they laught as if they plane it
why the girls wanna pierce their nose
and walk around in torn panty house oh yeah

I like the what you say they listen to the punk rock
I like the kids who fight
I guess that they were brought up
They hate the trends and think it's fuck to care
It's cool when this piss people of the what they wear oh yeah

So give me one good reason
why we need to be like them
Kids will have fun and offthen
They don't want to end up there

I hate the jocks and preps the hippy fuckin scumb bags
heavy metalers whit their awfull puzzy hair bands
Counting seconds until we can get away
Ditching school almost every single day oh yeah

So give me...

Give me...

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