Letra de Bitch, Eminem

I Hate The World Today
You´re So Good To Me
I Know But I Can´t Change
Tried To Tell You But You Look At Me Like Maybe I´m An Angel
Innocent And Sweet
Yesterday I Cried
You Must Have Been Relieved To See The Softer Side
I Can Understand How You´d Be So Confused
I Don´t Envy You
I´m A Little Bit Of Everything
All Rolled Into One

I´m A Bitch, I´m A Lover
I´m A Child, I´m A Mother
I´m A Sinner, I´m A Saint
I Do Not Feel Ashamed
I´m Your Health, I´m Your Dream
I´m Nothing In Between
You Know You Wouldn´t Want It Any Other Way

So Take Me As I Am
This May Mean You´ll Have To Be A Stronger Man
Rest Assured That When I Start To Make You Nervous
And I´m Going To Extremes
Tomorrow I Will Change 
And Today Won´t Mean A Thing


Just When You Think You´ve Got Me Figured Out
The Season´s Already Changing
I Think It´s Cool You Do What You Do
And Don´t Try To Save Me


I´m A Bitch, I´m A Tease
I´m A Goddess On My Knees
When You Hurt, When You Suffer
I´m Your Angel Undercover
I´ve Been Numbed, I´m Revived
Can´t Say I´m Not Alive
You Know I Wouldn´t Want It Any Other Way

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