Letra de That's My N**** For Real, Eminem

Ugh, zee

I got wakin haze, my customers hoes sleep with me
we have small beef, i still sell em o's for three fifty
they known when big beef, i'll pop 100 times
they like road kill, i live n****s brains on 189
and my down bitches, they be ready to kill
i be like chill, they be like "thats my n**** fo real"

Thats my n**** fo real X3

I don't give a fuck if we dont sell a record
we still gunna get this money in the bricks
spill it zee

I'm like santa clause, i deliver n****s grams raw
straight from panama, they eat it up like hannibal
and my dons, they appear like magic wands
i sell em to the crack of dawn, and destroy every track im on
plus i have a clan packed in the back of vans
more raw than the taliban, murk you for a half a gram
i get bboy a truck, yo truck in the river
fuck some doe, he be like "thats my n**** fo real"

Thats my n**** fo real X3

Scarecrow what, im trying to walk before i crawl
I want it all, ever since i came outta my mommas walls
im trying to make so much doe when i write a song
i can vite em all, while ya'll click on the corner selling final calls
niggas mad at us, gladiators like maximus
we fabolous, while you fall off like canabis's managers
my man d, you keep the nina pillin
zee, point a mine and watch em soak em like sarina williams

Thats my n**** fo real X3

Zee need buddha, E user
Be freelookers spittin from our pt cruisers
my tank dont drop, i still got doe to make 
got little niggas on rollerskates, holdin my coke and weight
blow paper, hole chaser, doe raiser, joe frasier
16 cellys and 4 pagers
go hype up your squad that they might fuck with ours
i just light up cigars, go buy bikes, trucks and cars
got axe n nitty in atlanta deep
ran the street, 10 grand a week
i got one word, dont put ya man to sleep
and i love my jersey live bitches
they leave a n****, face with 35 stitches
they'll help me, cinder blocks and pushin kids so deep in the oceans
they see where octopusses live
this label deal is for raws pacin chill
i know mad heads, but still

Thats my n**** fo real X3

Yeah what


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