Letra de Don't Worry, Goo Goo Dolls

I called you up all night til mornin', 
Left my house by noon today, 
and I saw you standing there. 
No one spoke, but we both listened. 
Heard every word you didn't say. 
And the sunshine's all around us, 
Smells like summer's on the way, 
and I saw you standing there. 
Tell the story of a lifetime, 
Tomorrow brings a brand new day. 

Don't worry 'bout today, and the words that you said. 
Don't worry 'bout today, shake the world from your head. 
At least for a while. 

You see the day keeps getting longer, 
But my nights seem longer still, 
and my TV's off the air. 
Watching repeats on my ceiling, 
Another hour left to kill.

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