Letra de She's a Rebel, Green Day

She's a rebel 
she's a saint 
she's the salt of the earth 
and she's dangerous 
she's a rebel 
missing link on the brink 
of destruction 
from Chicago 
to Toronto 
she's the one that they 
call. Old whatsername 
she's the symbol 
of resistance 
and she's holding on my 
heart like a hand grenade 
is she thinking 
what I?m thinking? 
Is she the mother of all bombs? 
Gonna detonate 
is she trouble? 
Like I?m trouble? 
Make it a double 
twist of fate 
or a melody that 
she sings the revolution 
the dawning of our lives 
she brings this liberation 
that I just can't define 
nothing comes to mind

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