Letra de Secret, Luis Fonsi

I wanna be that guy who can say you're mine
When we're standing in the movie line
I wanna pick you out of the crowd,
Shout it out so loud, so everyone hears me.
And I would tell all the world
But if you decide that's not what you like
If you wanna keep this quiet, then baby 

I'll be your secret promise you'll keep it
I'll be your friend whenever you need it
Cause when I'm holding you tonight
You'll know our secret is right 

Sometimes I feel like tearing down these walls
That keep us trapped inside
I wanna take away their doubt,
Show what I'm about, so they can't ignore me
I wanna hold you tonight, but no that's not what they'll like
no they wanna keep us quiet, so I'll be 

Don't let them tell you how to be
Just open up your eyes and see
That you belong to me
Why should we care what people say
Why should we let them stand in our way
You don't have to be afraid 

I'll be your secret if you can keep it
And I'll be your friend whenever you need it

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