Letra de Back In The Day, Missy Elliot

(feat. Jay-Z) 

"Brothers and sisters! 
Brothers and sisters, I don't know what this world is coming to!" 

[Jigga] Whassup Missy? Timbo! 
[Missy] This is.. another.. Missy 
[Jigga] Hip-Hop! Yes! 
[Missy] Elliott, exclusive 

Yes, uhh 
One for the butters, I came from the gutter 
No I came from my mother but y'all know what I mean 
Hov' is here to stay like permanent crease in your jeans 
Me and Missy be the new +Tag Team+ 
"Whoomp! There It Is" 
We like, Rae & Ghost, A.G. and Showbiz 
We "Public Enemy #1," our "Uzi Weighs a Ton" 
This is our house, RUN! [laughing] 

What happened to those good old days? {HA?} 
When hip-hop, was so much fun 
Ohh, house parties in the summer y'all (c'mon) 
And no one, came through with a gun 
It was all about the music y'all 
It helped.. to relieve some stress {HA?} 
Ohh, we was under one groove y'all (y'all) 
So much love {HA?} between North and West 

[Chorus: Missy Elliott] 
Go back in the day 
British Knights and gold chains 
Do the prep and cabbage patch 
And wear your laces all fat 
Back in the dayyyyyyyy, hey hey 
Hip-Hop has chaaaanged 

Remember when we used to battle? (uh-huh) 
On the block {HA?} before the lights came on 
Ohh! Mama said we would be straight A kids (c'mon) 
If we did our homework, like we knew those songs 
Salt-N-Pepa, Rakim, and P.E. {HA?} 
D.M.C, and Heavy D 
Yes! Daddy Kane, Slick Rick too (oh-OOH!) 
MC Lyte ("Paper Thin") opened, doors for you and me, c'mon 


Young! J. Bizzy, let's do it again nigga 
Grew up the way it oughta be 
From day KRS-One all the way up to "Nineteen Naughty Three" 
To M.O.P., we "Cold as Ice" 
Nigga we rock it from the "Dre Day" to the Suge Knight 
So fuck Chuck Phillips and Bill O'Reilly 
If they try to stop hip-hop, we all gon' rally nigga 
Post Biggie and 'Pac I gotta hold down the city 
Make a nigga wanna 'holla' like Missy, but fuck it 
Just let a nigga MC 
The best rapper alive, unquestionably 
If you rip on your +EP+ you gonna need an +MD+ 
So "You Gots to Chill" cause I "Kill at Will" 
like solid water dude; y'all niggaz don't get it 
"Kill at Will," solid water? Ice Cube 
Ha ha, that's how hip-hop has evolved 
Jay-Z's for President, I'm namin Ra as the National God 

Me and Jigga, Jigga J-J-Jay-Hova 
I rocks the mic right whether I'm pissy drunk or sober 
Misdemeanor fo'-finger ringer I'm stupid FRESH 
I've been hot since LL rocked the Kangol HAT 
Yes yes, the yes yes, the yes y'alln 
C'mon... AW YEA, AW YEA 
Okay, me, that nigga Jigga, fresh dressed in the mornin 
C'mon... AW YEA, AW YEA 


[ad libs and whistling] 

I wanna, go back in, time (let's go) 
Feels like I, I wanna, go back in, time 
Feels like I (Y'all remember "Self Destruction"?) 
I wanna, go back in, time 
(Where all the rap artists got on a record together?) 
Feels like I, I wanna, go back in, time 
(I used to love them days, no tension, let's go!!) 


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