Letra de Keep it down low, Rbd

I find you standing there 
telling me you´re sorry
a lonely tear rolling down your face
you hold me
I straggle to kiss you
and you just take my breath away 
just hold on for a second my love
just to tell me this whole thing is wrong
would you please just keep it down low?
spare me five minutes
I wanna feel yor sweet and soft touch 
all over me me
wanna kiss you last forever
we´re both of limits
as we rapid it up with love
at it end is just right here... right here
Im feeling to scared now 
just trying to understand 
why this love couldn´t be crystal clear
your lips feel so freezing
demanding sweet kissing
is it the air that has just can´t breath
please hold my hand love
my breath won´t come back again
say that you love me that you´re not the one to blame 
at least for just one second 
I believe you words are true love

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