Letra de THE ONE, Shakira

So i find a reason to shave my legs
each single morning
So i count on someday friday nights
to take me dancing 
and then,to church on Sundays
To plant more dreams
and someday think of kids
Or maybe just to save a little money.

Your the one i need,
the way back home is always long,
but if your close to me ,
I´m holding on,
your the one i need,
my real life has just begun,
cuse theres nothing 
like your smile made of sun.

In a world full of strangers
your the one, i know.

So i learn to cook
and finally lose, my kitchen fobia
So i got the answers 
cuddle middle theres a ghost or a muse
that brings insomia,
To buy more thongs 
and write more happy songs
It always takes
a little help for someone.


Your the one I need,
Your the one I need,
To my real life has just begun
Your the one I need ,
Nothing like your smile made of sun
Nothing like your love
Nothing like your love

aahh, theres nothing like your love.

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