Letra de The Understanding, Bodeans

Boy we get so excited pointing fingers each day
Don't take the time to, even blame me
No, we'll give it away
The expectations that we're painting
They go from paisley to white
I see right through them, stand up to them
Oh and I'm up for the fight
Chorus 1:
And with these eyes, I never see right
Ooh, When I look in the mirror
I'm lost in golden red and blue
I'm losing ground standing up to you
And, I Understand more than I want to
And, I stand more than I choose
And under these eyes I'm busted
But I'm Understanding you
It's the Understanding, that kills me
So I return into my head
and I begin to see
This image is not the place for me
Is it someplace for you?
'Cause the destination is never changing
When I guess, a change could do
When I try to move I fall, try to hold you and I lose it all

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