Letra de Astronaut, Duran Duran

Makes my head stand up on end 
Something alien happenin' 
Synchronise but don't comprehend 
'Cos where I stop that's where you begin 
Another moment, I dawn it 
A pleasure rising when I take the hit 
And I'm addicted to state you're in 
Cos you're getting me out of it 

There's nothing gonna haze this 
And we're gonna go to space, yeah even ship 
'Cos I'm leaving with an astronaut 

Grooving out to x-ray specs 
Something tells me you're the alien sex 
I can't imagine now what comes next 
When this astronaut connects 
Comin' on when I touch your skin 
A kind of strange light you emit 
I feel your gravity pull me in 
Now you're getting me out of it 

Bridge : 
They're feet for quantum leap 
Because space is hard and deep 
And we follow giant footprints 
As we fall in 
Falling like the twins 
Through Saturn's holy rings 
And if they can't hold us 
Where it's gonna end up ? 
Anybody knows ! 

An astronaut 
An astronaut 

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

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