Letra de Bedroom Toys, Duran Duran

Bedroom Toys
I been around the world 
I seen a lot of things 
That make your chicken curl 
You're squeezing like boys and teasing like girls 
Confusing like boys and girls 
Plan an exit route... parachute... rubber suit 
Are you ready for a little swim 
There's regular... queen size... flip it on the b side... solid gold 

Oh my God what's this? 

I saw the bedroom toys 
Now I'm stalling 
I can't believe my eyes 
I saw the bedroom toys 
Now I'm crawling 
I learn to improvise 

Checking out the five star atmosphere 
You want some expertise 
If you got treasure, I'll pay you for the pleasure 
It'll bring you to your knees 
Silicone romance, what's your name fancypants? 
Got your eye on the employees 
Forget about the reeling, talk about the feeling 
Solid Gold 

You want it... you got it... now what you gonna do with it? 

Now you washed up, beat smashing, grab no receipt takes the platinum off your shine 
Lazy bed star, la di da, petty bourgeois 
Oh my would you look at the time 
Until you wise up, you know we're gonna line up 
The pimps and snitches to dip into your riches 
If you can't destroy it, you might as well enjoy it

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