Letra de Addicted, Enrique Iglesias

Have I told you how good,
it feels to be me,
when I`m in you?
I can only stay clean,
when you are around,
don't let me fall,
if i close my eyes forever,
would it ease the pain?
could I breathe again?


Maybe I'm addicted,
I'm out of control,
but you're the drug that keeps me from diying
Maybe I'm a lier,
but all I really know,
is you're the only reason I'm trying.

I am wasted away,  
I made a million mistakes,
am I to late?
there is a storn in my head
it rains on my bed,
when you are not here,
I'm not afraid of diying, 
but I am afraid of losing you.


When your laying next to me, 
love is going trought to me ho,it's beautiful 
everythig is clear to me, 
till I hit reality and a I loose it all,
I loose it all.

Nah, nah, nah...

You're the only reason yeah,
you're the only reason I'm trying,
oh,I'm trying, 
don't want to loose it all,
you know I'm addicted.

Lydia la Gringa   >>lydia y peri<<

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