Letra de Extremist, Huinca

Something is wrong I don´t know where I am
What was I doing on that street yesterday?
Come on tell me! was I fighting and what for?
Come on tell me! did I kill them or what?
I remember the shots and the screams of the people
I was in the middle people ran next to me
Was it TV who showed me that cruel scene?
Or was I right there when the bullets were crashing?
I lost my money what city it this?
Could you tell me mister if I need my medicine?
What kind of drugs did I use to be so strong?
What kind of law did I ant to brake?
They are here! they came for me!
Sir I know nothing I did nothing
Please, leave me here
Im not dangerous, I´ll be a blind for you
It´s late those people are dead
Now your head has a price
Now you have only two minutes
So star to run, run away!

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