Letra de Father time, Stratovarius

walking down the path that lead me to my memories
pacing all the way without a care in my stride
where are the friends of my yesterday 
have they moved on with their lives
cen we still laugh and joke about things like before

there's no need to hide the past that I have left behind
it's a good resource somewhere for me to find
why am i waiting for someone to reach out
it souldn't be all up to them
keeping in touch ain't that easy but I'll have to try

where have all the years gone
that's what I am asking now
what have I learned so far
tell me father time... tell me now

now I understand I'll take from time what I need
and I store it inside it's there for me to find
I can't deny that the years will pass by
but it won't bother me
coz now I will set out to realize my dream

where have all the years gone...

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