Letra de Falling down, Inspect Her Gadget

Here.. you slither up to me
Can see that I can?t breathe 
I?m lost in lights so dance into my fog of Myers rum and ice and soda dream

I?m dancing with my drink
My friends are here I think
They went to walk along the corridor of smearing lipstick 

Falling down I trip up on you
All around you're hunting me!

Now the music is too loud
My drink spilled on the ground
The air is hot I smell too many people thumping hard against
Repetitive sound

My sweaty make-up smear
Talk close so I can hear
The lies you say to me while paying bimbo
bartender too

Pour another drink, I?m not drunk enough
Touch me too much, your hand on my back
Look quickly around, to keep the coast clear
Pull me away, into darkness

Yes, you make me feel so good
I don?t think that we should
But talk some more so I can feel like someone wants to have some secret time with me

I?m the princess of this ball
I?m single after all. You walked away, was it
your girlfriend on that cell phone call?

Now, this scene that you can spin 
You think that you can win
You just may be the fan who I take
Home and make my single princely Heinikin man.

Now, you?re hugging me too close
but I let you cuz I?m too drunk now to
Let you know, you?re preying
On the lonely

Falling down I trip up on you
Your friends all know you're gonna get some
All around you're hunting me but
It?s all alright cuz, I want you too.



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