Letra de Shizo, Inspect Her Gadget

Go away!
Leave Here!
Don't go!

Oh no here it goes.

Listen to me I don't have time
To go around repeat myself
I've said it once I'll say it again
I don't need you to save my ASS

You say I yell 
You say I cry
I say you lie 
You better tell them I'm normal

Have you seen my Xanax though?
I left it on the bathroom floor I think
I have to go outside I left a poem 
On the rail.

I don't
Need anyone 
Not you fool
I'm good and strong
and can't you just

Please save me
I'm not fine can't you see
Well I'll be okay
If you don't go away

From me but here in my face you are 
Can't you see that I need space?

Don't you listen to me when I said its fine?
Forget what I said yesterday
Today I know just what I mean 
It's not an anomaly

You think I'm inconsistent but I swear you like to twist it.
I should keep a record of the things YOU don't come through with
I could show everyone that its THEM not me who changes things
you, my mom, the doc all of you trying 

to just Save me
But I'm fine can't you see
We'll I'll be OKAY..
So stay the hell away
From me.. don't leave?wait



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