Letra de Give, Inspect Her Gadget

Giving it all to you cuz you want more
And it's all I am to be with you: identity

And who do I believe is here representing what you hold dear
And I'll say I don't know ask me again in a day or so

Weak Girl Cliché
I write songs that give away 
the secret parts of me
when strong is all I needed to be oh
Giving this all up would be a lie to my own truth

I can go explain it all way 
in every line I do it all the time in my own in my head
Well here I stand before you on my box of soap that has
My picture on it, preaching to the "sheep" that will
Believe it anyway


Tell me chemical because the option is too much
I hope the readers get the verse now cuz the others hum the chorus first. 

Meet me strong and sane and read my pain
I'm walked through town naked on my literary horse.
Does circle speak provide the locks that cover what is truly truly mine?
This is the distraction to what is really going on

(chorus x3)



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